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On-Demand Webinar

Guiding Latinx Educators Towards a Path to School Leadership


A new study by the U.S. Department of Education found Hispanics made up 8.7% of the principals across the country. Currently, less than 2% of superintendents across the nation are Latinx, yet Latinx students make up about 27% of all American public school students.

We know there are a number of barriers that Latinx educators face in advancing their careers from educator to principal, including bias and discrimination throughout the hiring process, limited access to professional development, cultural stereotypes about their abilities in the workplace, and various financial hurdles to advanced degrees or certifications. Further, there exists an overall lack of Latinx representation in leadership positions that limits the visibility of role models and tightens the pool of potential mentors.

This webinar features nonprofit and school system leaders and Latinx educators pursuing principalship discussing how they are focusing on increasing the number of Latinx leaders in schools, the impacts of leadership development programs, and what more we can do in the ecosystem to boost more equitable representation.


Jean Desravines Headshot

Jean Desravines

CEO, New Leaders
Antonio Headshot

Antonio Tijerino

President/CEO, Hispanic Heritage Foundation
Amanda Fernandez

Amanda Fernandez

CEO/Founder, Latinos for Education
Kayla Jimenez

Kayla Jimenez

Education Reporter for USA Today, Moderator
Javier Headshot

Javier Cabra Walteros

Bay Area Executive Director, Aspire Public Schools
New Leaders Alumni
Iris F Headshot 2

Iris Ferrufino

Assistant Principal, District of Columbia Public Schools
Yadira Suazo

Yadira Suazo

English Language Arts Teacher, Miami-Dade Public Schools

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